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What services we offer our clients:


Private personal training programs & packages:

Strength & conditioining

Weight loss

Increased Mass

Toning, leaning out, cutting up

Sports Specific cross training

Pre & post Natal

Your first session starts with a 90 minutes fitness evaluation.

Followed up with scheduling your first 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute workout.

All programs are developed & designed to specifically target your personal goals and also includes your healthy history

Private pilates programs & packages:





Spine corrector

matt pilates with the ring, ball and bands

Rebalances the whole body.

Integration of body set up and fundamentals.

Helps with better posture & allignment.

Helps manage & reduce pain & stress.

Mobalize the spine, stabalize the hips & sholders.

Peak performance to any sports.

Pilates rehabilitation, theraputics, injury prevention, low impact exercise, modifications & cross training for dance & sports

Private yoga, specialized stretch programs & packages:

Vinyasa Yoga


Specialized in hands on adjustments & modifications for injuries

Find your inner yogi.

Strengthen your whole body, gain more range of motion and flexibility.

Learn to balance with ease and use less effort.

Find confidence in your ability when your out side your comfort zone.

Close your eyes and learn to trust your body in the present moment.

Under all circumstanses move without judgment.

Reduce and manage your everyday stress.

Gain more mental clarity & focus.

Learn proper relaxation & meditation techniques.

Promotes healing for the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Learn how to breath in and out with a cleansing breath.

Better circulation & space in joints while lengthens and toning muscles.

Set an intention for your practice.

Private group training:

residential buildings

corporate offices & work space

Special events

Duet (2) couples, family members & friends

(4) or more people in small group

(12) or more people in medium group

(20) and up in a large group

Please inquire about specific arrangments and details!

Nutrition programs & cooking classes

Please inquire for more details!

Upgrade your session:


Body work

Personalized stretching

Grastin technique with the edge tool

essential oils for relaxation or pain management

All upgrades start at 30 minutes and max out at one hour

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations, that is why we not only have a training facility for you to go to, but we provide in-home quality training.With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

Through our training program we take pride in helping you grow an overall understanding of physical awareness and build a connection between your mind and body. We not only want you to look great but we want you to feel great doing it. This is the attitude we look to develop and have it carry over into all the other areas of your life.

BNL Method

focuses on alignment, core strengthening, body set up, fundamental movement starting with range of motion, strength and muscle activation techniques. Warming up the body properly with awareness, intention and centering the workouts around the breath similar to vinyasa yoga and pilates. There are multiple variations of each exercise, modifications, and adjustments that are offered throughout each workout session. The workout and personal training regiment is fine tuned and tailored to your body, personal needs and goals. The workout is very enjoyable, motivating and will push you to move your body both safe and intelligently. You will awaken the whole body, while discovering new muscle groups that are smaller and lie deep below the surface; unlike a normal workout that focuses in on larger muscle groups. The BNL Method utilizes functional training with a cross of pilates and a fusion of yoga restorative and therapeutics. You will move the body in multiple plans of motion, you will twist out the spine, side bend, and free up space in the body allowing it to feel more connected, balanced and in a better anatomical ideal for healthy alignment. Brittany Levy the founder of the BNL Method patterns and creates new innovative movement for strength, stability and flexibility. Her goal is to bring the body back into a state of balance which helps to regenerate, restore, repair the body and come down from the fast pace life style that living in New York City offers. These workouts also help with stress reduction,burn out, over drive and over worked bodies and minds. I want people to feel like a million bucks while free of pain and unnecessary tension. Looking great is the icing on the cake and the reward for consistency. The body will Thank you for helping prevent disease by being proactive. feeling young, free of pain and more clarity in your mind. It is never to late to train the core posture muscles, build tone and define new muscles while burning and melting fat away. This is called the New and improved Contemporary weight training, mixed with pilates core and yoga alignment. This unique experience is something Body Fit N' Life made sure became part of the preventative training it delivers, which some have even compared to being both Holistic and therapeutic.